Chapter Two: Corporate Drizzle

Angela looked around. Was there anyone else here? Where did this memo come from? She rolled over to her desk and flattened it out.  

What should I do with this?

Angela decided it was worth holding on to. She folded it in half, then again, then again, creating a tiny, compact square with neat edges.  She placed the little paper square in the small, zippered pocket inside of her purse. She zipped it closed for safe keeping.

Angela stood up, put on her long trench coat, perfect for the the soft drizzle outside, buttoned each button then tied the belt tightly across her trim waist.  She enjoyed getting dressed each morning, what some people called “uncomfortable” Angela found empowering. She loved a slim fitting suit-dress, it made her sit up straight in meetings, it made her feel elegant and powerful at the same time.  Her sleek, camel colored trench coat was the cherry on top of her perfect professional look. She walked in her usual way, at a steady pace with her eyes focused straight ahead, the only difference for Angela was this time, her focus wasn’t on what was in front of her, it was on that memo.  Where did it come from?

Had Angela not been lost in thought she might have noticed the sparkling champagne Audi parked only a few spots away from her silver Mercedes sedan, but she didn’t notice the car, or the man inside of it.